2019 should be the year of Wi-Fi 6, but it hardly appeared at CES

2019 should be the year of Wi-Fi 6, but it hardly appeared at CES

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The upcoming generation of Wi-Fi — Wi-Fi 6 — shall reduce demand on batteries, pack more report into transmissions, and reach more devices at once. Most importantly, it’ll bring faster speeds… eventually.

If CES 2019 is anything to go by, there aren’t many Wi-Fi devices out there. Sure, plenty of companies showed off routers that supported the new generation. However, only a small number of laptops could take benefit of the benefits.

The Wi-Fi Alliance, the group that oversees Wi-Fi standards and their implementations, has worked on Wi-Fi 6 for several years. 2019 was supposed to be the kick-off point, but it appears like Wi-Fi won’t really ramp up until 2020.

For one, the Alliance won’t even start certifying devices until the fall. On top of that, Intel said its upcoming generation of processors would support Wi-Fi — processors that won’t come until later this year.

Despite this, HP, Dell, MSI and Asus all released laptops that would support Wi-Fi at CES.

As far as smartphones go, Qualcomm’s upcoming Snapdragon 855 CPU shall support Wi-Fi 6, but it didn’t make an appearance in any devices at CES. However, the 855 is expected to be in several Android flagships this year, meaning most flagships shall support the new Wi-Fi generation.

There’s no word yet if Apple’s upcoming phone shall support Wi-Fi. Some reports indicated the upcoming iPhone would, but more likely we’ll see Wi-Fi 6 support along with the 5G iPhone in 2020.

Ultimately, if Wi-Fi support is important to you, you’ll have to do your research when buying devices this year. There’s no guarantee a gadget in 2019 shall support it.

That said, you also likely won’t miss out on much if your new gadget doesn’t support it, because the era of Wi-Fi won’t truly start until upcoming year.

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