87-year-old grandma plays Animal Crossing for 3,500 hours – still hasn’t caught all the fish

87-year-old grandma plays Animal Crossing for 3,500 hours – still hasn’t caught all the fish

Putting in the hours

Putting in the hours

One of gaming’s most dedicated players has been revealed as a granny who’s been playing Animal Crossing almost non-stop for four years.
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Animal Crossing is probably Nintendo’s least hardcore franchise, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t hardcore players. And one of the best extreme has been revealed to be a 87-year-old grandmother.

She’s been playing Animal Crossing: New Leaf on the 3DS almost every day for the last four years, racking up an incredible 3,580 hours of play.

And if you don’t believe her, she’s got a video to prove it. As you’d imagine it shows off a pretty amazing looking village, with a virtual house complete of every item imaginable.

Strangely though, she doesn’t seem to have all the fish and insects. But then it seems that this granny is playing things properly, without looking on the Internet to see how you get the super rare ones.

As you can see her average play time is an hour and 25 minutes, which seems a lot but then the game does encourage you to play daily – even though 20-minute dips are more usual.

Her grandson, who website DualSockers discovered happens to be a game developer, only found out exactly how much she’d been playing when she broke her 3DS and he had to copy across her saves for her.

New Leaf was first released in the West back in 2013 and apart from a few spin-offs, including a smartphone app, there hasn’t been a new mainline game since.

But since the unnamed grandma has already become a minor Internet celebrity fans have donated enough money to buy her a Switch.

She’ll need that if she’s to play the upcoming Animal Crossing, which has been released for sometime later this year.

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