After Dead or Alive 6 Beta is Live Following Delay Announcement

After Dead or Alive 6 Beta is Live Following Delay Announcement

Special Treat for PS4 Players

Dead or Alive 6 is obviously the sixth main installment of the series, and about the one-thousandth overall entry. A few days ago, DOA 6’s edition was pushed back from February 15th to March 1st. Yesterday, fans were hit with a few exciting news. The Dead or Alive 6 demo was announced, via Twitter, to be open for download today on January 11th and can be played until January 14th. The demo includes characters “Kasumi, Ayane, Hayabusa, Hayate, and one of the best anticipated newcomers, Diego”. According to GameSpot, the demo is only circulated on PlayStation 4 and requires a PlayStation Plus membership.

Dead or Alive 6 beta

Like previous Dead or Alive games, the combat works on a rock-paper-scissors type of system called the Triangle System. In the Triangle System, Strikes beat Throws, Throws beat Holds, and Holds beat Strikes. When two attacks collide, the one with the benefit wins and hits with increased damage. The Break Gauge System is a has entirely new to the series. Players have special attack meters that when filled can give fighters access to special moves. These moves are called Break Blows and Break Holds. They both appear to be counter-type moves, as they can be activated upon being attacked.

The DOA Central mode is also introduced. This has is basically a way to give a bit of customization to the look of the fighters. Judging by the above screenshot, players shall have slots for their favourite outfits for each character. It’s unclear if this has shall be circulated during the demo though. As it was mentioned above, players have until January 14th to play the beta, so if you’re a PS4 owner and you’re dying to play it, get on it!

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The image in this article was linked from GameSpot and Team Ninja Studio

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