I cannot FTP connect to my server space using FileZilla

I cannot FTP connect to my server space using FileZilla


Many people are familiar with cPanel and new services.
Our Control Panel has many with similar features supplies to cPanel, and offers much more.

How to upload or transfer your website to Mean Web Host

If you’ve purchased web space with us, you can either install a website plan we offer such as WordPress, etc. or you may choose to upload your own website via your Control Panel’s online File Manager or with a FTP program such as FileZilla.

I cannot connect to my server using FileZilla

You may choose to use the File Manager web display offered in your Control Panel over FileZilla, but FileZilla is generally much faster to upload and download files to and from your server space as it’s a program specifically designed to do just that.

If you’re having problems accessing your server space via FileZilla, consider the following: 

  • Try uploading via your Control Panel’s File Manager
    It’s not as fast as FileZilla, but it’s still an effective file to uploading your files via our web interface.
  • Are you aware of your FTP username and password? 
    If not, please visit your Control Panel, select your website, and your FTP username and password should be visible on the right-side of the page.
    If your FTP details aren’t visible via the Control Panel, please consider using a different internet browser and disabling any ad blockers you may have.
    If you try connecting to our servers with the wrong username and password, it won’t connect. Please ensure your details are correct.
  • Have you unlocked your FTP? 
    If you know your username and password, you may have not yet unlocked access to your FTP, so please do this via your Control Panel.
    It’s always a good security measure to disable FTP access when you’re not using it. You must enable FTP access for a period of time to access your web space via FileZilla.
    This has is accessible from your Control Panel, and should look with similar features to this when unlocked:FTP is unlocked
  • Have you pointed your domain name to our nameservers? 
    If you’re transferring a website, please ensure that your domain name is pointing to our nameservers so our servers know it’s you knocking at the door.
    If your domain name presently points to another location, then that is where FileZilla shall be looking for our password (e.g. your old hosting provider).
    Please ensure you are pointing your domain to our nameservers to ensure FileZilla and new FTP clients can access our servers.
    If your domain name isn’t pointing to our nameservers, you may get a message in your Control Panel looking something like this:Nameserver Setup
  • How do I install a fresh new installation of WordPress, etc. ? 
    Some people prefer to install a fresh installation of WordPress rather than upload their old site to our services, as to give themselves the opportunity to rebuild their site to a modern standard using WordPress.If you have the Unlimited Plan, you can choose to pre-install WordPress or any of our new plans, and start building your website straight away.
    Just be aware, that your website won’t be accessible by the public unless you assign a domain name to it, correctly pointing your domain name to our nameservers.
  • Still struggling? 
    If you have a problem that isn’t yet answered in our Help & Support, please ask your question to us directly via email so we may create a help article for you, answering your questions, and helping others in the future.


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