Flash shall be disabled by default in Firefox 69

Flash shall be disabled by default in Firefox 69

Multimedia software Flash shall be disabled by default in Firefox 69, which is due for edition on 3 September 2019, and Mozilla shall remove support for the plugin from commercial versions of the browser completely early upcoming year.

As Neowin reports, a current bug report has revealed that the process shall start with the Firefox nightly build, accompanied by the stable release. The extended support release (ESR) shall continue to support Flash until the end of the year for businesses that rely on it. 

After Flash

Flash has been making websites interactive since 1996, but has been a popular target for criminals looking to exploit vulnerabilities. 

It has now been superseded by technologies including HTML5, WebGL and WebAssembly, which don’t require separate browser plugins. Adobe began advising content creators to move away from Flash in 2015, and shall end support for the plugin in 2020.

“Today, open standards like HTML5 have matured and provide many of the capabilities that Flash ushered in,” said Adobe in a statement. “Looking ahead, we encourage content creators to build with new web standards and shall continue to focus on providing the best tools and services for designers and developers.”

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