Essentials Website Plan


This does not include the cost of a domain name.
The price is a yearly charge for this particular plan.
You can renew or add an additional year to your plan by repurchasing the same product.

Easily make a personal or community website with WordPress, for a great price.

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Why choose the Essentials website plan?

  • Choose from a selection of 350+ beautiful pre-made themes
  • Change fonts and colors, and add custom styles and CSS
  • Add your own images and text to your website
  • Great for hobbyists – show the world your interests and skills
  • Easily create a personal blog, portfolio, news website, or fan page
  • Edit your website anywhere that has an active Internet connection
  • Choose from a range of 50,000+ plugins, including ecommerce and payment plugins, etc. 

Make a website that’s your own

The Essentials plan comes equipped with everything you need to start building a flawless website. We recognise businesses of all forms use our service, and for this purpose, we provide maximum security and performance.  We know many businesses host with us, and so for this reason, we ensure all of our websites operate on the most-modern and highest-performance technology available. Furthermore, all websites run on SSD technology, which generally operates 18x faster than regular hard-drive technology. WordPress grants you all the features required to build a website about anything you desire.  If you are looking for a website with unlimited storage, please consider our Unlimited website plan. Whereas our Essentials, Business, and Premium+ website plans offer great storage, you may find the Unlimited website plan is better as it provides unlimited storage and can handle unlimited website traffic. WordPress comes automatically installed, allowing you to build with the world’s most-recognised and highly-supported website builder.

A website is great for marketing

  • Websites allow businesses and hobbyists to stay connected with their customers and followers For example, a good website can easily entice new visitors and fans into becoming loyal customers and visitors
  • All good businesses have a website to represent their brand and what they sell
  • Mean Web Host provides more flexibility and performance over other providers, together with faster upload and download speeds, due to unlimited bandwidth
  • Use a website to truly represent your brand, with your services, pictures, and contact details, etc

Simply start with a domain… 

  • Start building your website within 48 hours of purchase – we’ll email you your username and password
  • No setup process is required on your part – we’ll let you know when your website is ready for you to build
  • Already have a business name? Simply find a domain name to match it
  • Because some people already have a domain name, did you know you can transfer it to Mean Web Host?
  • You can also benefit from free SSL security if you transfer your domain name to our host
  • Start building with WordPress, which comes automatically installed when you purchase this plan
  • If you’re looking for a business website, you may otherwise wish to use our business plan

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