Verizon Gaming is like Netflix for Video Games, Testing Details Leaked

Verizon Gaming is like Netflix for Video Games, Testing Details Leaked

A New Challenger Appears

Verizon is the biggest mobile phone carrier in the United States. They provide service for almost 100% of the States. Basically, they cover a vast amount of North America and quite a bit of coverage around the world. They reach a lot of people, and with that kind of range, they knew they could capitalize on that. Verizon started quietly testing a streaming service for games called Verizon Gaming. The idea behind the service is that players won’t have to spend money on expensive devices like a console or a PC for a quality gaming experience.

Verizon Gaming

Verizon Gaming is presently being tested on the Nvidia Shield with Xbox One controllers. Images of the service have leaked, revealing various titles on board with the program. A lot of really big names are included such as Destiny 2, GTA V, Red Dead Redemption 2, God of War, and Monster Hunter: World, just to name a few. Testers have been given a complimentary Nvidia Shield and Xbox One controller. Performance has been a bit of an issue, as reported by to testers, but Verizon is presently focusing on getting it working on a basic level; proof of concept. At the end of this testing phase, which shall be the end of January, Verizon shall start looking at expanding their library of games. The images have come exclusively from The Verge.

Verizon is the most current company in the tech industry to try their hand at the entire video game thing. Google, Amazon, and Microsoft are all working on their version of video game streaming. What Verizon is doing is not exactly unique. Verizon does have an edge, however. The network of home and phone services they already have is a perfect delivery system. With their 5G network, streaming their games shall no problem.

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The image in this article was linked from The Verge and Digital Trends

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